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Dec 1, 2012 3:00am PST
at the white house today. in fact, romney offered to buy obama lunch, but the president said, no, no, it's on our grandchildren. they'll take care of it. don't even worry about it! >> met the guy in a restaurant had to make him come to the white house. that's some cold. hey, romney, what's up, man? isn't it funny, you almost lived here. this was almost your place. just 3 million votes. oh, you worked so hard for seven year yea years -- >> it's true that president obama had lunch at the white house with mitt romney. they were at the white house, yeah. it was an awkward moment when romney looked around and said, so, how much do you want for the place? >> good stuff there. >>> i'm surprised they had white chicken chili. you have the guy over and you serve chicken chili and chicken salad. >>> you know the saying, bo knows christmas. actually, i just made that up. >> i never heard that saying, but watch this. ♪ this i have to say one of my favorite holiday
Dec 2, 2012 3:00am PST
. on tuesday, president obama is going to have some company. he's going to be meeting with the governors at the white house. he's going to be talking, of course, about money, how to keep our economy growing, and of course hopefully reduce the deficit as well. very busy day there at the white house. on thursday, we have all our eyes on washington. two controversial changes in washington state, same-sex marriage becomes legal on thursday in washington state. we'll also be looking at marijuana. adults over 21 can legally carry up to an ounce of pot, sort of. the federal government still says pot is an illegal drug. that's how they're going to do it in washington on thursday. and on friday, we'll be watching for the jobs report. this is the november jobs report. in october, 171,000 jobs were add a added, you may recall. experts think superstorm sandy could affect this. a lot of people having a hard time getting around, power is out. really put a lot of folks behind. we'll see how that goes. on saturday, a big day for college football fans. heisman trophy winner will be announced. we'll find
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2